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One of a Kind is a dream come true.


António Nora has been travelling the world since 1978 looking for shells, fossils, and minerals.

He quickly started Atlantic Shells’ company and later became president of the Malocoly Portuguese Society. His enormous passion for books made him succeed in bringing together the largest private library of Malacology ever made – later sold to the famous Antiquariaat Junk in 1999.

Along the time his interests and curiosity gown through a path and taste for antiques, peculiar objects, taxidermy, rare collection pieces and decoration.

The time has come now to create a store where the history comes to you, culminating in a variety of collected pieces from all around the world. This selection brings the wonders of all journeys and experiences of being a naturalist and a collector through the latest decades.

One of a Kind team wants to share with you the possibility to have access to exceptional pieces with a huge historical value, either to collect or to decorate a special place.

We are certain you might find here unique products you have been looking for a long time.

Let us know if we can support you in any special request, we will be glad to help you!



The “One of a Kind Shop” pretends to be a new approach to Natural History decor and collection.

After more than 40 years’ experience in this area, travelling all Asia, Australia and Africa working professionally with shells, marine life, minerals, fossils, and taxidermy we really know these fields.


Now we want to work not only for collectors but specially for the people that want to have exclusive pieces in their homes.

Nature provides examples of extreme beauty, and from it we create pieces of decoration with a unique and authentic beauty.


On the other hand, all our pieces are supplied with a certificate of authenticity with technical details and description of the articles.

The importance of this information is to enrich the scientific and technical knowledge of the pieces, even for people who buy for their beauty as well as to increase the future interest in this fascinating world of nature.

At the end of the 18th century, in Europe, the phenomenon of Curious Cabinets was fundamental for the development of science.

With the species brought from other continents by the voyages of discoveries, aroused people’s curiosity and some, including some fortunate people used to create a division at home to place these gems, where the scientific societies discussed the pieces, and it was very important for the progress of science.


Nowadays, but in a different way, having pieces of natural history in your home will stimulate the same type of interest that our ancestors had, once people will want to know more details about the pieces, with much more available information and high cultural value.


One of a Kind Shop works in full respect and compliance with international standards of nature protection, although within these standards there are exceptions that will always be mentioned about some specific articles – in case of Old collections, species’ breeding in farms, etc.

The possibility to have at home decor pieces based on natural history specimens is a way to live surrounded with nature, making future generations aware of the importance of preserving nature.

The beauty and aesthetics of many species is extraordinary, and you may have at home a creation of exclusive nature – since there is not two pieces exactly alike – and far for mainstream article, not a decorative piece of industrial production with thousands of copies.


In One of a Kind shop we live our lives with passion, constantly receiving news, exclusive pieces, preparing and studying them to get the maximum decorative value from them – turning in a daily challenge!

Our main goal is that the costumer has a complete satisfaction with our pieces, with the feeling of admiration for their new one-of-a-kind piece!